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Prayers of The People

The Prayers Of The People
Each month we make space in our Sunday worship services to engage in The Prayers of the People - a tradition that corporately gathers the prayers of the church into one voice. We do this for 3 reasons:
1. Models Lament - So often our response to the negative events going on in the world is to ignore them because we simply do not know how to process or carry them. We see the news and turn the channel. The Prayers of the People enable us to appropriately pain-share by giving us both the permission to lament over the suffering in the world and by demonstrating how to pray. Through the prayers we acknowledge that the world is not as it should be and pray for the LORD to intervene.
2. Locates Our Place - The Prayers of the People not only provide a place for the church to intercede and lament over suffering, but they also provide a place for the church to bless the world around us. Our incarnational theology reminds us that we live in a specific location: a neighbor…

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