Long term view of things...for corporate worship songwriting.

Here are  questions I ask myself when I have completed writing a corporate worship song.

  • Style aside, is this a song I hope the church will be singing in 50 years? 
  • Does this song aid in the cultivation of what our church sees as a need in our body or does the song simply play to my strengths as the musician/artist? i.e is a cool guitar riff all that it truly offers?
  •  Is the song's theology incarnational? Will this song help "Sally Homemaker" understand that Christ is present with her while the diapers, laundry and dishes pile up? Does this song help the addict who is fighting for freedom understand how grace and holiness work in their life? 
  •  Does what I write encourage people to hear from God on their own as they cultivate a love and appreciation for both scripture and community? 
 If I am unsure about a song's effectiveness in helping us fulfill our mission then the song is not worthy of the beautiful community with which I am privileged to serve.


Melody said…
The songs chosen each Sunday effect me profoundly, even after I leave the walls of our church. I wonder what songs you have created but chose to toss aside. Perhaps a B-sides compilation is in order? ;)
Jason Campbell said…
These are amazing questions Marty. I think you are beginning your book on worship right here with this post. Thank you for contemplating these things.
Martin Reardon said…
Michael - You are more than welcome.

Melody - Not sure if a B-Sides is in order, rather I'm not sure it would help! Thank you for your words. It really is a an honor to know that what we do each week blesses and encourages.

Jason - A book? Maybe a pamphlet or handout.
From this Idahoan "Susie Homemaker"...yes to all those questions. Thank you for writing what God lays on your heart because it is what my heart needs to hear and my soul needs to sing.

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