Even silly prayers are answered...sometimes.

My wife absolutely loves the cello. She kicks herself to this day for choosing the flute over the cello when she joined the band in middle school. She is a wonderful flutist though.

A couple of weeks ago she asked God to simply plop someone in front of her with a cello that would bust into Bach's Prelude in G. A silly prayer, I know. Those things don't happen.

Well, it happened. A wonderful man named Jules Polachek (along with his wife, Dawna) were at the recent AMiA Worship Leader's Retreat. While talking with them in the lobby I told my wife that Jules played the cello and how beautiful it sounded the previous night during the worship set. Immediately, he went to his room, brought it down to the hotel lobby, sat in front of us and busted in to Bach's Prelude in G.

I am sure to him it was simple and no thought was given to it. But to my wife (and to me) it let her know that God hears even our silly prayers and grants them just to make sure we are certain of his love for us. He is a good father.


That is awesome! I love to hear stories like that :) Hope you guy feel better soon.

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